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MS Paint Questions and Answers

MS Paint Questions and Answers

Which tool is used to write names in paint?

Text Tool

Which we called the area where we can draw shapes and pictures?

Drawing Area

Which tool is used for Zoom a part of drawing in MS Paint?


Which bar used for moving the page up and down in MS Paint

Vertical Scroll Bar

Which tool is used to give color to the shapes?

Fill the color

In MS Paint which tool is used to make your drawing colorful?

Color Box

In MS Paint which group contains option – Select, Crop, Resize and Rotate?

Image Group

The tool is used to select a rectangle area – shaped area in an image?

Rectangular Selection

What is the default background color in MS Paint?


What is the default foreground color in MS Paint?


Magnifier, Eraser and Fill Color tools are available in MS Paint?


Which Key is used to draw straight line in MS Paint?


Which Tool is use to spray colors in MS Paint?

Air Brush

Which shape is used to draw a circle in MS Paint?


What is the extension of MS Paint File?


How Many Shapes in MS Paint?


How to Start MS Paint?

Start – All Programs – Accessories – Paint

Shortcut key of increase eraser size.

Ctrl +

Shortcut key of decrease eraser size.

Ctrl –

Which is the topmost bar?

Title Bar

What code is used to open Paint with the Run Command Box.


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