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Shortcut Keys – बन जाओ कीबोर्ड के मास्टर

Common Use Shortcut Keys

Ctrl + AAll Select
CTRL + BBold the text
CTRL + CCopy
CTRL + DDisplay the font Dialog box
CTRL + ECenter text align   
CTRL + FFind any text
CTRL + GDisplay the go to dialog box
CTRL + HReplace
CTRL + IItalic the text
CTRL + JJustify text align
CTRL + KHyperlink
CTRL + LLeft text align
Window + MMinimize all windows 
CTRL + NNew  
CTRL + OOpen
CTRL + PPrint
CTRL + QRemove Paragraph formatting 
CTRL + RRight text align
CTRL + SSave
CTRL + TIncrease Indent
CTRL + UUnderline the text 
CTRL + VPaste
CTRL + WClose
CTRL + YRepeat an action previously undone
CTRL+ ZUndo 
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