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What is booting?

Booting is the process of restarting a computer or its operating system software. It starts with switching on the computer and ends when the Operating System is loaded into main memory and the computer is ready to take commands from the user. Booting is of two types.

  • Cold Booting
  • Hot / Warm Booting

Cold Booting/Switch Booting –
When the user starts computer by pressing power switch on system unit, the operating system is loaded from disk to main memory this type of booting is called Cold Booting. This booting takes more time than Hot or Warm Booting.

Hot or Warm Booting –
Hot booting is done when computer system comes to no response state/hang state. Computer does not respond to commands supplied by user. There are many reasons for this state, only solution is to reboot computer by using the Reset button on cabinet is called Hot or Warm Booting.

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